My coaching services are engaged by both individuals and companies. The breadth of my experience spans
a wide variety of industries, job titles and functions.

Career Coaching

“Tammy is very insightful and intelligent in her observations and helps me make informed decisions by giving feedback on my personal process. She has pushed me to examine and evaluate each step I’ve taken and gives me effective assignments and input. Tammy is genuinely interested and invested in my progress. I always feel motivated and energized by our sessions.”
– Tara, Arts Administrator

“Tammy’s coaching style is thoughtful, friendly and attentive. She has taught me the ins and outs of searching for a position in this complicated, internet-based, job market. By using a variety of tools, Tammy guided me through the process of discovering a new career path, listening to my inner voice and instilling a sense of self confidence. She is kind, considerate, intelligent and wise.”
– Eileen, Director of Communications

“Working with Tammy, I have the skills and confidence that I need in my toolbox to go out and hone in on that perfect job. Tammy not only provided me with feedback on my communications, but also got me ‘unstuck’ because she understands the psychology of job searching.”
– Marilyn, Nurse Practitioner, Midwife, Lactation Consultant, International Maternal and Child Health, Public Health expert

“Tammy brings a range of personal and professional skills to facilitate effective coaching for yielding results. Her intuitive skill with a nuts and bolts approach to job coaching helped me get through some tough decisions and, ultimately, yielded the jackpot…the best career move for me. I truly love my work now.”
– Thomas, Volunteer Management Administrator

“Tammy is in tune!  Working with Tammy on my current job search has helped to set my search bar higher. She listens, she suggests, she understands and gently directs her clients in a most appropriate and guiding manner. Tammy demands my best work and pulls the work out of me, because she knows I have it in me.”
– Deborah, University Communications and Marketing Administrator

“I’ve been privileged to work with Tammy for career coaching off and on over the past few years.  The guidance she has given me in numerous career situations has been invaluable, not only by giving me insight into challenging situations, but by then empowering me to make choices I would not have previously been aware were available to me.  Tammy is smart, dedicated, charismatic, and truly caring.  She loves what she does, and that passion would always lift me up and inspire me whenever we spoke.  To anyone searching for someone to guide them in the complex work environment many of us face today, I give Tammy my highest recommendation.  She is not only gifted in her vocation, but a genuinely kind and caring person.   She makes what can be a stressful time all feel much more manageable and, simply put, she is a pleasure to be around!”
– Kate, Operations Manager, Environmental Engineering Company

“As a woman in her late 40’s, I felt it was time to make a career move after 15 years in the same company and the same role.  However, I had no idea what I wanted or how I would get there.  I did not know if I had the understanding and confidence to make a move.  I was clueless!Tammy put me at ease in the first meeting. Her kindness and understanding propelled me to focus on what would really make me happy professionally and personally.  The process was a learning experience.  Over a few months and some initial interviews at a few companies, I was able to aim higher and reach greater possibilities.  Tammy helped me develop the skill set I needed to make a career move.  Tammy knows what makes people and employers a good match and that is indispensable.  I was able to articulate what I was looking for & how I could contribute to be an integral member of a professional team. I am now at a thriving company in a new position.  I just received my first paycheck and the compensation package is beyond my expectations! Tammy made this possible through her years of experience, positive outlook and dedication to my professional well-being.”
– Leslie, Procurement Manager, Pharmaceutical Company

Executive Coaching

“Tammy is a bright, insightful and experienced executive coach. She brings a wise and thoughtful perspective on management and work-related issues. I have great respect not just for her skills as a coach, but also her values and judgment, which are equally important in a mentor.”
– Cliff, Senior Director, Digital and Print Academic Publishing

“Tammy’s superb listening and creative problem-solving skills have helped me navigate a major career transition with more ease and success than I imagined possible. Not only is she highly-trained and experienced in her field, but also timing and intuition allow her to develop effective career and business strategies for individuals or teams facing change or in need of fine-tuning.”
– Karen, Strategic Communications and PR Solutions

“I loved having Tammy as my coach when I was deciding whether or not to close my business. Things I especially appreciated about her work: 1) she asked penetrating questions that pushed me to think deeper, 2) she connected each session to the previous sessions and remembered what I had said before, 3) her book recommendations were terrific, 4) communicating with her was a breeze, 5) it was easy to talk with her about fees and availability, 6) even after the end of our engagement, she has been interested in my journey.”
– Kathryn, Management Consultant/Business Owner


“I attended Tammy’s networking event at the Lexington Library and found it very helpful. I had an interview the next day and the ‘committee’ was out for me. Instead of trying to muzzle the committee, who outnumbered me, I called to mind the picture selected at your lecture. The image served me well, helped me calm down the committee and enabled me to have a very good interview. Hopefully, I’ll get selected for the next round.”
Katherine, Legal Administrator

“Thank you so much for speaking to our group. So many of our members look to go beyond the basics for a deeper level of information. Since you were so knowledgeable about the topic, it was easy for you to take them to the next level and provide advice that goes beyond the basics for networking. You are welcome back at any time if there’s another topic you’d like to present.”
Wendy, Westford Job Seekers Group

Workshop/Team Facilitation

“Tammy is a very personable and dynamic coach and facilitator. She custom designed and facilitated a number of workshops that were very well received. I look forward to working with Tammy in the future.”
Paul, Training & Learning Director, American Cancer Society

“Tammy is a thoughtful, creative and brilliant coach. I am impressed with her ideas, her business savvy and her ability to facilitate group discussions.”
Deborah, Ballentine, Finn & Company

“Wow! You were incredible as a presenter and a group facilitator! I learned a lot and felt so comfortable participating. I enjoyed and benefited from the exercises too. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in to making this such a positive learning experience for so many!”
Janet, Program Participant 

Professional Partners

“Tammy is a very knowledgeable and gifted professional coach. She has always shown impeccable integrity and professionalism. Our success rests on the quality of our coaching staff and on the tangible results they deliver to our clients every day. Tammy is one of the strong pillars on which CoachLink stands.”
Cenmar, CoachLink

“Tammy is a coach and colleague with whom I have had the benefit of partnering. Consistently insightful, clear and respectful, she has come through for me in a myriad of ways. I trust her feedback, skills and integrity.”
Jeannie, Life Coach

Tammy is one of the few coaches that we feel comfortable recommending to our own clients. In addition, she is the go-to person for us when we need extra support on projects, especially when we need one-on-one interviews with key informants. We trust Tammy so much that we even hired her to get feedback from our own clients.
– Gayle Gifford, Strategy Consultant, Cause & Effect