Career Coaching

Firsthand knowledge of what it feels like to be stuck in an undesirable position, survive an unhealthy environment and feel alone in solving a challenging problem has prepared me well to support you in attaining optimal results to advance your career. Through empathy, insight and direct, targeted questions, we’ll identify your key priorities and action steps to move forward on your career objectives.

  •   Focus on career development, direction or job search
  •   Develop individual action plans
  •   Expand networks and tactical execution
  •   Customize techniques for introverts

“I felt uncertain about the value of hiring a career coach. However, within months of hiring Tammy, the investment paid off richly. Tammy helped me transition into a career that I enjoy more and am better suited to than the one I had before. Now, three years into my new career, I’m grateful every day that I found Tammy when I did.”
Jeanette Senior Editor, IT Trade Publication

“Tammy has been extremely helpful to my job search. She showed me not just how to present my experience and skills, but also how to showcase them in the best possible light. I know she gave me the edge that put me ahead of the competition.”
Keith, Program Manager, Cambridge Housing Authority

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