000: Why I Care About Your Happiness at Work

We spend more time at work than most other important parts of our lives, more time than with our families, sleeping and attending to other priorities. Many of us have been privileged enough to be educated, blessed with talents, strengths, and supportive people.  Yet, some of us reach a point in our careers where we are just tolerating, if not dreading, the day-to-day pressures, tasks, and demands of our work environment that don’t really align with our values, interests or passions.

Too often I see people who have resigned themselves to a job because they believe it is too late or they have too many responsibilities to take on a new direction. They are tolerating a work situation where there are limited growth opportunities, poor leadership or a toxic work culture. They are sacrificing their own happiness because they are making a significant income, are saving for college, paying a mortgage, putting in the time to be fully vetted in a retirement plan, etc.  They fill their heads with what is impossible vs. what their true interests, desires and passions are.

Sound familiar?  Have you become complacent with your routines, habits and resources?? Does it feel like it would be unrealistic to go after something more rewarding, aligning with your values and interests?   What if you could continue to stay true to your priorities while exploring and shifting to a brighter picture?

Most people want to feel that their work is ‘making a difference’, and allows them to have the resources, financial and otherwise, to freely make choices and have a satisfying, enjoyable lifestyle.  They know this is working for them when they are excited to get out bed in the morning and feel good at the end of the day. They enjoy the people they work with and feel a positive connection to a greater vision or bigger picture.  They feel purposeful.    If this intrigues you, then this podcast is for you.

This podcast is for you if you are:

  • A job seeker
  • Interested in a career transition
  • Wanting to improve or transform their current profession or workplace
  • Entering a new phase: semi-retirement, retirement
  • Someone who enjoys hearing about other people’s paths in life
  • A person who believes in possibility – looking for an AHA!

This podcast may also be for you if you are:

  • Unhappy/miserable in current workplace or role
  • Not enjoying your profession
  • Laid off and don’t want to just get a JOB
  • Not sure what to do next
  • Not feeling inspired, yet you know there’s more to life
  • Feeling insecure financially
  • Bored
  • Fear of change, unknowns, how to’s
  • You’ve been discouraged in the job search process
  • You feel burnt out
  • You don’t have enough time with family, friends, & other enjoyable activities

I want this podcast to:

  • Inspire people to action, to be courageous and seek their best livelihoods by offering stories and practical steps or guidelines for making it real
  • Allow people to reach for their dreams while taking care of the basics
  • Open people’s minds to what’s realistic and truly possible
  • Instill an understanding that the best way to get there is to look inside first, know yourself, rather than reacting to external influences

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